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Raise the guest counts in your restaurant

Activities for the whole family

One of our key goals for 2017 is to strengthen the kids’ occasions in our restaurants. Positive childhood memories at our restaurants lead to loyalty for many years to follow. Let’s offer them fun events for the whole family to take part in. This will also help raise our guest count, as kids who participate in an event – and their families – will most likely eat at your restaurant before or after. We want to show you a few ideas as an inspiration for your own store: 

Halloween – from a witchy happy meal to pumpkin carving
Halloween is becoming more and more popular in Switzerland. Use this trend to welcome more families in your restaurant by offering them for example fun events around pumpkins, ghosts and goblins and happy meal vouchers.


Crafting sessions – getting creative with kids
Every child loves to craft and there are so many different options to do so. Welcome families to your restaurant by holding different crafting sessions for kids of different ages to take part in – from creating a paper cat or a place mat for the table to the decoration of a candle and much more.


Other events in the restaurants
Aside crafting or seasonal events, why not invite Ronald McDonald by for a show, have a dance party or offer a face painting session during an afternoon. Or what about the unforgettable tradition of the Räbeliechtli procession – why not hold a carving event of the Räbeliechtli and take an active part in the participation in the process. Become part of this memory by offering a carving session directly in your restaurant. The children will love it and the parents will appreciate the gesture and recommend your restaurant to other families.


TBWA, Adrian Zuber, Account Director, 
zurMarke, Willy Tanner, Manager,

Halloween events

Crafting sessions