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Supporting RMHC activities

Collecting donations for the World Childrens’ Day

The Ronald McDonald House Charities (RMHC) is dependent on the local support of our restaurants. Every year, there are several activities in which you can actively participate with your restaurants to support the charity and to help keeping families close to their sick children in the hospitals. 

World Children's Day – engagement needed

On the occasion of the World Children's Day, all McDonald’s restaurants in Switzerland and the Fürstentum Liechtenstein will be selling a cuddly plush toy in support of RMHC at the end of November (10 days). More information on the World Childrens’ Day will follow shortly. Engage your crew to actively support the selling of the toy at the registers and also integrate the promotional material in your store. The more visible the World Children's Day actitivity is, the more guests will become aware of this charitable event and will support by buying a toy.


Great success on McHappy Day

A similar event is the McHappy Day that took place in June. Thanks to the great support from all the restaurants and the crews, RMHC was able to collect CHF 60’000 for the charity (+20%). This is a fantastic amount and an important donation source to ensure the continuity of the foundation. Thank you very much for your engagement! Check out for example how much fun the McHappy Day was at Enzo di Vito’s restaurant in Spreitenbach. 

McHappy Day in Spreitenbach

Even more possibilities for RMHC

You can also support RMHC or the Ronald McDonald House in your region with other events. For example, Roger Lüscher teamed up with Salto Natale, a circus by Rolf and Gregory Knie, last winter and part of the ticket sales from one performance were donated to the foundation (CHF 6’500). Additionally, RMHC had to opportunity to present itself to all the visitors of the show. And the show will go on in 2017! Please get in directly touch with Roger Lüscher for further details about the event:

If you are interested in supporting RMHC or have an idea on how to raise money for sick children and their families, get in touch with program responsible Andrea Victoria Schaller.


Contact: Ronald McDonald Kinderstiftung/Fondation en Faveur des Enfants Ronald McDonald/Fondazione per i Bambini Ronald McDonald, Andrea Victoria Schaller, program responsible,