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What you and your athlete can do for each other to deepen the relationship

Together for Gold – strengthening the engagement

Our sports ambassadorship program “Together for Gold” has been going strong for three years now. Each of our 165 restaurants support at least one promising young athlete. There are many possibilities on how to strengthen the engagement with your athlete. Click through the tabs below.

And please let us know if you have stories or events taking place with your athlete. We love to hear about them and can assist you if you need any support. Share these stories and support us in keeping the Together for Gold program such a success!


One last quick win: Spread the message about the Together for Gold program and pass out the current national flyers to your guests by adding the current flyer on the tray liner . The current flyer need to be distributed by the end of this summer, as we are preparing an updated version. Thank you for your support!


For more information:
Béatrice Montserrat, Communications Team,

Athletes in your restaurants

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