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Reach out to your guests with different activities in your region

Local advertisements with a big effect

There are so many opportunities in your region with which you can engage with your guests. Smaller regional activities by your restaurant can strengthen your local anchorage and make you even more visible in your area. Let us share some of the latest local advertising ideas by Swiss McDonald’s restaurants, developed by zurMarke:

Spiez – Flyer Lötschberg
In August, a flyer was distributed at the car rail transport at the portal Goppenstein in the Valais in direction of the Bernese Oberland. The flyer included several food offers and invited the guests to stop by the restaurant in Spiez after passing through the tunnel. A total of 10’000 flyers were passed out in cooperation with the BLS AG.


St.Gallen – Sponsoring Regiomasters
Christian Ramota is a strong sponsor for the Regiomasters, an indoor soccer tournament in St.Gallen that took place at the beginning of the year. Aside an advertisement in the tournament program, flyers were created and distributed during the tournament. Christian also supported the event with voucher prizes for the junior participants.


Winterthur – Movie cooperation
In Winterthur, Martin Koller is supporting a local cooperation between the McDonald’s restaurants in the city and the KIWI Kino since August 2017. When buying a menu, the guests receive a rebate for a movie ticket. This is being promoted in the McDonald’s restaurants and in the movie theaters by using window stickers, banners, screens and cinema advertising.


Eastern Switzerland – Passenger TV campaign
In spring 2017, Rudi Gödl placed animated slides in public transportation in several regions in St.Gallen, Liechtenstein and Chur to show the guests how easy it is to reach the McDonald’s restaurants in the area with the corresponding bus lines. 


From concerts and cinemas to city celebrations and local festivals, these events provide you a wide range of possibilities to strengthen your local anchorage and make you even more visible in your region.

We are always open to your ideas. We can support you in the design of an advertisement that fits your needs. Just get in touch with us about 3 to 4 weeks in advance so that we have enough time to prepare the needed promotion material for you. Let us know how we can support you with your local advertising!


zurMarke, Willy Tanner, Manager, 
TBWA, Adrian Zuber, Account Director, 


Local advertisments