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New vouchers in an eye-catching design

Gift cards – GC generators and the perfect present

Instead of the paper version, nowadays we offer our guests modern plastic gift cards. By promoting these gift cards in their eye-catching French fries box packaging, you will bring even more guests into your restaurant for a meal or a snack. So, let’s start raising awareness for our new McDonald’s gift cards. To assist you in spreading the news and to help enhance the sales of these cards, we have prepared all kinds of material for you. And soon there will even be a Christmas version for you available – perfect for the upcoming holiday season.  

Make sure your crew knows about the gift cards to help promote them in your restaurant – they are truly a perfect present!

Christmas edition available

All the promotion material will also be available in a special Christmas version. Put your guests into the holiday spirit by integrating this material in your store. As a small gift for the advent calendar or a last-minute Christmas gift, the gift cards always fit and will help raise your GCs in the restaurants and lead to more sales. 

Get into the Christmas spirit and order some new gift card promotion material in a holiday design!

Ordering Christmas material
A collective ordering form will follow shortly to make sure you receive the material you need in due time.

TBWA, Adrian Zuber, Account Director,

Visuals still in approval

Generic promotional material

Up to now there has only been a window sticker available for promoting our new gift cards. Currently, we are offering you a broader selection of promotional material to generate more visibility for the gift cards that should lead to more guests buying this offer for family and friends.


All this material can be found in the LSM Booklet on the Intranet.


This includes:

Posters – wind masters and outdoor format (F200/F12)


Web banners

Single Translites

Pre Sell Board

Mini banners

Selection of generic material